HOME - 20160528 © Milan Swolfs | Beauty Boudoir by The Modernettes HD

HOME - 20160528 © Milan Swolfs | Beauty Boudoir by The Modernettes HD


Radio Modern are retro swing parties with roaring live bands, swirling petticoats, gorgeous women and rockers. Last but not least, Radio Modern parties are sure to fill every dancefloor up to the last inch. Radio Modern has travelled all over bringing the spirit of the fifties to big ballrooms and festivals.

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Just like in the old days, our parties start early. Arrive at nine o’clock and you’ll find the dancefloor screaming for air during the swing dance class. That’s right, we’ll be teaching you the basics of lindy hop, swing and jive, which will allow you to show off your skills while our band of the day is rocking the stage. We’ve had the honour of inviting some swing legends on our stage, like Mike Sanchez, Ray Collins and Ray Gelato and many more performers who live and breathe fifties rock’n'roll. Our dj’s will keep you dancing until sunset and ladies who need some air will be pampered by The Modernettes in their Beauty Boudoir, treating the ladies to a retro hairdo and make-up.

At Radio Modern cool cats from the hippest clubs around are happy to share the dancefloor with dance fanatics and grannies who love to have fun like back in the day. We do not have a dresscode, but Radio Modern crowds are knows for taking their time to look the part in their best dress or suit. You’d better polish those dancing shoes!

So it’s back to the nifty fifites and swinging forties: Radio Modern is a nostalgic trip to the 40ies and 50ies. Relive a bit of history and enjoy this unique retro atmosphere with old school swing in a wonderful setting, accompanied by rockin’ roots music.

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